Meet our seven members of staff

Kerry Jones: Manager


“Hi all, I am Kerry Jones. I have been at the setting for twenty years this month, and became manager in 2009. My qualifications are a level 3 and 4 in Early Years Childcare Learning and Development. Within the setting I am one of the two Safeguarding Lead Practitioners along with Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinater and Behavioural Management Officer. I have First Aid training and attend regular courses/ Leaders and Managers briefings to keep up to date with relevant legislation and information. I am 50 years old, married to Steve. We have been living here for 30 years now. We have two fantastic children and two dogs. Both of our children attended the playgroup and I actually started working there when our daughter was there.”

Sarah Smith: Assistant Manager

“Hello, my name is Sarah Smith and I am 49 years old. I have worked at Southery Playgroup for 9 years and in that time completed NVQ Level 3 and Level 4 qualification in early years. I am the Assistant Manager and have attended many training courses, some of which are Safeguard Lead Practitioner, First Aid, Behaviour Management and Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator. I attend the Leaders and Management briefings with Kerry, which keeps me up-to-date with any legislation. I have also completed family support process training. I moved to Southery in 1994 and married a local farmer in 1997, we have two sons and 1 dog.”

Samantha Barry: Playgroup Assistant


“Hey I’m Sam I’ve worked at the playgroup for 8 years and I started whilst I was at Cambridge Regional college studying childcare. Since then I’ve completed a level 3 and 4 in Childcare and Development. I have attended many courses including, First Aid, Safeguarding and Step On. I am the Health and Safety Officer at playgroup. I have been in the village for 8 years and live with my mum, step dad and older brother. I also own 3 giant african land snails and a mad labradoodle and a cat called Simba.”



Sarah Downes: Playgroup Assistant


“Hi, I’m Sarah Downes and I have been working at playgroup for 4 1/2 years. I have completed Level 3 and Level 4 (Distinction) in Early Years Childcare Learning and Development. Other qualifications include First Aid, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding and Family Support Process Training. I have completed an Open University (Open Learn) course in The Autism Spectrum: From Theory to Practice and I am one of the Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators (SENCO). I attend SENCO Cluster Meetings where practitioners share best practices. I am also the Diversity and Inclusion Officer (Equality Needs Officer or ENCO), the Prevent Duty Officer and the British Values Officer. My partner and I have lived in the area since 2008 after returning from several years living in Swaziland. We have a Primary School age son who attended Southery Playgroup before I worked here.”

Gemma Hirst: Playgroup Assistant


“Hello, my name is Gemma. I’ve been working at Playgroup for 4 1/2 years as a Playgroup Assistant. Before that I worked in many childcare settings all across Europe. I have levels 3 and 4 in Childcare and Development. I hold First Aid and Food Hygiene Certificate, attended courses on Safeguarding, Family Support Process and Step-On Training. As well as that I am also the Fire Safety Officer. I have lived all around Europe but have lived in Norfolk 19 years and now settled down with my fiancé and son.”


Daphne Clifton: Bank Staff 


“Hi, I’m Daphne.




Jodie Robson: Bank Staff

IMG_1158“Hello, my name is Jodie. I am currently studying BSc Health and Social Care at City University of London. I have level 3 in Health and Social Care and Pediatric First Aid Training. I have been a part of this fantastic team since 2015. I have lived in Southery for 19 years and have a crazy sister!”