“Tapestry keeps you in touch with your child’s day wherever you are”

Here at Southery Playgroup we use Tapestry as a amazing way to record and share your child’s individual learning journal. This is a user-friendly secure way to share your child’s experience’s in Playgroup.

Our staff use photos and videos to create observations to share developments with parents/carers.

This is a secure platform that stores all information securely and can be downloaded and shared amongst those who have permission to have access to your child’s journey – such as their key person, staff members, parents/carers and grandparents. It enables us to have another way to build communication with families and to share key developmental information.

Please see our Tapestry guide and consent form which can be found on our downloadable forms page. Visit the Tapestry website for more information about the benefits. – http://www.Tapestry.